Remembering Loved Ones

It’s been nine years since I’ve lost someone close (my Auntie Susan). For years, I thought about my aunt every single morning. She was my second mom and I’ll always hold her dear to my heart. These days, I think about her on her birthday and whenever I visit her burial site. It makes me sad that with each passing year, my memory of her becomes more distant.

Yesterday, I read Ali’s grandma’s eulogy over 20 times before delivering it at the service. Part of it was to see if I could make any last minute revisions to make it sound more natural coming from me. Another part of me wanted to log as much information about this amazing woman into my memory as possible because I know there will be a time when my memory of her starts to fade.

It’s cruel how our minds function, and how in time, we forget the most precious of memories.

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